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About us

Since 2000, our focus has been bringing greater clarity to the world of investing and helping clients achieve their goals

Who we are

Your holdings are in safe hands with us, something demonstrated by our length of time in industry and the numerous investors who have found success with our support. We offer huge benefits through our in-house range of tax-efficient solutions, such as ISAs and pensions, but what truly sets us apart is our operational structure and our commitment to understanding the essence of our client’s financial goals.

Many advisors and investment managers focus on building and protecting wealth, whereas we recognise that the true cornerstone of financial success lies in the “why”. Our team dive deep into the motivations behind your financial goals, allowing us to craft with precision, a comprehensive strategy that resonates with your core values.

Our advisors work closely with you to understand your appetite for risk and offer comprehensive investment guidance. Backing them up are our dedicated investment team and our skilled operations colleagues. By combining their expertise seamlessly, these three teams provide a powerful and effective service that can deliver on all your investment needs.

How we work

Our three-pronged approach to risk management is designed to ensure you choose the strategy that’s absolutely right for you as an individual.

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Our team

Our business is driven by people, and we are growing fast.

Meet the experts who make up our team and learn more about their experience and interests.

Meet the team

Our history

Verso Investment Management started life as Whitefoord Limited. Over the years, the business went from strength to strength through acquisition, adding more top talent and expertise each time. That collective skill and experience now forms an important part of the Verso family.

Here are just some of the milestone moments in our journey.