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How we work

Verso Investment Management is our group’s flagship investment arm. Our three-pronged approach to risk management is designed to ensure you choose the strategy that’s absolutely right for you as an individual.

Risk versus reward

With a team of dedicated investment professionals, Verso Investment Management carries out its own investment research and provides personalised investment strategies with rigorous attention to detail and service quality. Central to our investment approach is the assessment and control of risk.

The most important factor in becoming a successful investor is balance. By finding the right balance between the reward sought and the risk needed to achieve it, you can gain much needed clarity without undue stress or pressure. Investments should be suited, not only to an investor’s needs and objectives but also to attitude to risk.

We can help you with this through both expert guidance and a broad selection of diligently researched strategies. First, though, our experienced investment account managers will explain to you how we approach risk management, focusing on the three important areas below. No one strategy works for all investors. We have developed a range of strategies to deal with all needs, objectives and attitudes. Your advisor will work with you to determine what will be suitable.

Our stratified approach to risk management


What is your current personal and financial position? How will investing support or improve this?


What acute investment goals do you have? Do you have specific views about performance?


How do you view investment risk? What level are you likely to feel most comfortable with?

We offer solutions that differ across a range of dimensions

Direct investments to collective

For some clients and investment strategies, a portfolio made up of carefully selected equities, bonds, ETFs and alternative assets may be suitable, for others we consider collective fund only solutions are appropriate.

Income and growth

You may prefer to bias how we produce the return towards income, to help meet current spending or growth to meet investment objectives.

Active and passive

In our actively managed portfolios our investment team use their experience and expertise to seek value in the market. Our passive portfolios invest in assets which represent the whole of the market for that asset type.

Risk profiles

We offer strategies with no equity content to 100% equity. Depending on your risk profile, your advisor will work to understand what's right for you.

Portfolio construction at Verso

Once we have a clearer idea about your circumstances and viewpoints and we’ve explained our approach, we can begin exploring investment options. Our methods are more sophisticated than simply classifying you as a high- or low-risk investor, instead focusing on finding a blended solution that truly delivers on your goals.

It may be that one of our multi-asset strategies offers the reliability you need, that our specialist range provides more suitable growth options, or that you need greater cash liquidity. Using a carefully developed system, we can apply a rating to each of the possibilities and find the combination that’s right for you.